Quarterbacks the Jacksonville Jaguars passed on

With the number 1 overall pick this year it looks like the Jaguars will finally get a franchise quarterback that we have been missing since Mark Brunell.  Life as a Jaguars fan has been hard but what makes it worse is when you look at who we could of had.  Listed below are some of the top quarterbacks in the league that the Jaguars could have drafted.  Some quarterbacks I skipped like Drew Brees.  The Jaguars could have drafted him as well but at the time they had Mark Brunell.  They would have had to draft Brees in the first round as he was gone before their next pick.  Their first pick that year was Marcus Stroud so that worked out well for them. 

The list below starts with misses that weren’t as bad and gets worse as you go down the list.  This list is quit depressing if you are a Jags fan.

Dak Prescott

Dak was drafted in the 2016 draft which was a good one for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  That year we drafted Jalen Ramsey in the first, Myles Jack in the second and Yannick Ngakoue in the 3rd.  Two of these guys are no longer with the team but that’s not because of talent.  All three of these picks have been home runs so it hard to knock the Jaguars in this draft.  However in the fourth round they picked Sheldon Day when they could of had Dak Prescott.

Kirk Cousins

You can debate if Kirk Cousins is a top level quarterback but what you can’t really debate is that he would be better than anything the Jaguars have had over the past several years.  Cousins was drafted in the fourth round of the 2012 draft.  Players we drafted before him included Justin Blackmon, Andrew Branch, and Bryan Anger.  As bad as this draft was for the Jaguars Cousins was far from the worse miss of this draft.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar was drafted in 2018.  The Jaguars were just coming off a run to the AFC Champion game.  Blake Bortles had played some of his best football at the end of that year but there were still lots of questions if he was the guy.  A stud of an athlete was sitting there when they drafted named Lamar Jackson.  Many questioned if he could be an NFL quarterback but they guy had unworldly talent.  The Jaguars decided to draft Taven Bryan who is still on the team but has been a bust.  One year later Jackson was the MVP of the league.

Ben Roethlisberger

It makes sense why the Jaguars would not take a quarterback in 2004 when Big Ben came out.  The year before they had just drafted Byron Leftwich in the first round.  However many people questioned if Leftwich could be the guy or not.  Big Ben a future Hall of Famer was on the board when the Jaguars drafted Reggie Williams.  Williams went on to be one of the many bust the Jaguars had in the first round.  What could have been.

Deshawn Watson

There have been a lot of rumors about the Jaguars trading the number one overall pick for Watson.  In 2017 the Jaguars had a chance to draft Watson with the fourth overall pick.  That  draft could go down as one of the worst drafts in Jaguars history.  Not only because the players they picked early did not work out but because of who they could have drafted.  Watson just being one of the players that tops that list, more to come on this draft.

Aaron Rodgers

Everyone remember how uncomfortable it got watching Aaron Rodgers waiting to be drafted in 2005.  People had him going in the first couple of picks and he kept falling.   The Jaguars quarterback at the time was Bryon Leftwich and 2006 would be his last year as a Jaguars before the team cut him.  The Jaguars had a chance to draft Aaron Rodgers but instead drafted Matt Jones.  Like Big Ben this might not hurt so bad if they would of draft a great player but instead both were huge busts.  Meanwhile Rodgers and Big Ben will have their busts in Canton one day.

Patrick Mahomes

Remember that 2017 draft class that I said was so bad for the Jaguars?  Well another player they passed up on was Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been the best quarterback in the NFL the last two maybe even three years.  He has won an MVP,  a Super Bowl and is in another Super Bowl.  The Jaguars instead drafted Leonard Fournette who was so good that the team cut him before his rookie deal was over.  They would have traded him for a baloney sandwich and no team in the NFL was interested.

Tom Brady

Everyone passed on Tom Brady, several times.  Brady came out in the 2000 draft and Mark Brunell was still the Jaguars quarterback.  With that said they were not in the market for a quarterback however passing up on the GOAT is a bad mistake.  Who did the Jaguars draft that year ahead of Tom Brady?  R. Jay Soward, Brad Meester, TJ Slaughter, Joey Chustz, Kiwaukee Thomas, and Emaunuel Smith.  Besides Brad Meester who had a nice career the rest of these guys never did anything.

Russell Wilson

I saved the worst for last.  Russell Wilson might not be the best quarterback on this list but the Jaguars draft that year makes him the worst miss.  Wilson was part of the 2012 draft and the knock on him was he was too short.  Who did the Jaguars draft before Wilson to make this the worse miss?  Justin Blackmon in the first round who was a bust but had talent.  Andre Branch who had an ok career but the kick (pun intended) was the third round pick.  Five picks before Wilson was selected the Jaguars selected Bryan Anger a punter.  This should have gotten Gene Smith fired before round four started.  A punter are you kidding me.

This list is one of many reasons it’s hard to be a Jaguars fan.  Hopefully this stops this year when they draft Trevor Lawrence but it has been a rough two decades of misses.