Deshawn Watson to the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Deshawn Watson is unhappy with the Houston Texans that much is clear.  However would the Texans be willing to trade him?  If so to whom?  That’s where the internet fun starts as all kinds of experts have options on where he could land.  Most people go for teams who need a qb, have a high draft pick and cap space.  One of those teams that comes up is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

So would the Jaguars trade for Watson and would the Texans trade him to a division rival where he could stick it to them twice a year.  My guess on both of those would be no. My guess is if the Texans would trade him to the Jaguars the would wante the number 1 overall pick.  If that was the asking price there is no way I would consider making the trade from the Jaguars side.  However to have some fun with this is there a trade that I would make if I was the Jaguars? 

If the Jaguars could trade their second 1st round pick which is the 25th, Gardner Minshew and the two second round picks  I might seriously think about it.  If they did that they could then trade the 1st overall pick for a ransom.  This move should not move them too far down in the first round and they could draft Alabama WR DeVonta Smith.  So in the first round you would get a franchise QB and a true number 1 WR.

I don’t think this will ever happen but it’s fun to talk about.  If I ran the Jaguars I think this is a trade I would make.  Those two in the first round would be great then trading the first round pick you could get one of your 2nd rounders back and a player.  Again I don’t think any of this happens but it’s fun to think about.


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