Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jaguars 1st Round Pick- Johnny Manziel?

If you've listened to my podcast for any length of time you know I stay away from saying "this college kid will make it" or "this guy is a bust".   I just don't watch enough (or really any) college football to be a good judge.  However I am always curious who mock drafters have the Jaguars picking and while I seen all kinds of names one that is interesting is Johnny Manziel.

Most of the comments I've seen about this possibility have been negative.  It seems either a large part of Jaguars fans (or just the ones I am reading) think he will be a bust, but why?  The fact he sold his autographs doesn't bother me in the least however some of his on the field antics show a lack of maturity.  Even with that the one thing you have to give the guy is in the biggest games he plays some of his best ball.  I personally would have no issues with the Jaguars drafting him.  Stepping up in big games and not having the moment be too big for you isn't something you can teach.  He seems to love football and the spotlight and I think that's a good thing for a quarterback.

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