Friday, January 3, 2014

Dead Rising (Issues) 3

I've never been a fan of Dead Rising, I'm not sure why because the idea always sounded cool but I never got into it.  However with a handful of games at launch I decided to pick up Dead Rising 3 and give it a try.  The game looks great and you get an overwhelming feeling as you stand on top of a car and look out at all the zombies.  When I started playing the game with my buddy Fireproof I planned on turning it off about 1 in the morning however it was 2:30 before we knew it, we where having that much fun.

The only issue I had was during the cut scenes there is no sound.  At first I thought it was my headphones so I took them off and turned up the TV but still no sound.  Fireproof (who was hosting the game) heard them just fine but I got nothing.  Once the cut scene was over my sound came back.  I'm sure this must be a bug that they will get figured out but if you play co op it looks like you'll be missing out.

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