Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Amazon to customers who preorder the Watchdog PS4 bundle "No Game For You!"

1671741_1I use Amazon all the time so when it came time to preorder the PS4 Amazon was the place I went and it turned out to be a mistake.  I preordered the Launch Edition Watchdog PS4 bundle, everything went smoothly until Watchdogs was delayed.  My first concern was that Amazon would cancel the order and I would no longer have a launch day console however they said that they would stand behind it.  What they didn't say (or at least I didn't hear them say) was that they wouldn't give you a choice on which bundle they shipped you.  The bundle they are sending out comes with two controllers and no games.  I don't need two controllers but I would like to have a game to play.  So now when my shinny new PS4 comes in I will be able to look at it and not much else.  Here is a copy of the chat I had with an Amazon customer service person,



End Chat

You are now connected to Vigneshwar from

Me:I preorder the Watchdog PS4 bundle but since Watchdogs was pushed back to next year I was swapped to a bundle that comes with two controllers. I don't really need two controller and would rather have the Killzone bundle

Vigneshwar:Hello my name is Vigneshwar. I'll be happy to help you.

A member of our generalists team will be the perfect person to help you with this. Let me connect you to a member of our generalists Chat team. It'll take just a moment.

A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.

You are now connected to Amazon from

Amazon:Hi I'm Saloni. I'll be happy to help you.

Me:I preorder the Watchdog PS4 bundle but since Watchdogs was pushed back to next year I was swapped to a bundle that comes with two controllers. I don't really need two controller and would rather have the Killzone bundle

Amazon:Could you please provide me the order #?


Amazon:Let me check that for you.

Thanks for waiting Jody.

I see that this order is present on your other account, so To be able to pull up your account please provide me your name, e-mail address and the billing address.


Amazon:Thank you for the information.

I see that the order is placed for the ''PlayStation 4: Launch Edition''.


I preordered the launch edition with Watchdogs however that game was pushed back and it got changed to the two controls without any notice.

Amazon:I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Jody. So do you mean to say you do not want the PlayStation 4: Launch Edition ?

Me:Yes I want it but I want the one bundled with Killzone instead of two controllers

I didn't order a bundle with two controllers I ordered a bundle with a game but the game was delayed

Amazon:Alright Jody to help you with this I'll go ahead and cancel this order and you could place a new order.

Me:NO dont do that

I will not get it on launch day

Amazon:Jody I wont be able to change the order form PlayStation 4: Launch Edition to the one bundled with Killzone instead of two controllers.

Me:Why not it was changed to that without giving me a chance to pick which one I wanted it changed to?

Amazon:Jody I see We've contacted you about your pre-order for the PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Launch Day bundle. On Tuesday, October 15, it was announced the Watch Dogs release date has been delayed until 2014. To ensure you maintain your place in line for a PlayStation 4, we have updated your pre-order to the PlayStation 4 Launch Edition with the same estimated delivery date.

Me:So everyone who got the Watchdog bundle got stuck with another controller?

Gamestop gave it's customers a choice

Amazon:I do undersatnd your concern, Jody and since the Watch Dogs Launch Day bundle release date has been delayed until 2014, we had to do this.

Me:But why not give a choice of another bundle like Call of Duty or Killzone?

My concern is now I getting a PS4 launch day and I'm not going to have a game to play because Amazon decided to give me another controller instead of sending me a bundle with a game. Also I don't think I would buy another controller for awhile

Amazon:Jody as I wont beablee to chenge this order, would you please let me know what is the game that you want to have with it?


Amazon:Let me check what best can be done for you in this case.

Me:Thank you

Amazon:Thanks fro waiting, Jody.

I've checked it with my supervisor and see that as we do not have the Watchdogs bundle currently with us, we'd suggest you to place an order for the Killszone game and we'll issue a discount of $10 for the same.

Me:I still have to come up with an extra $50. Nevermind I take the extra controller and next time I'll preorder from gamestop. Thanks

Amazon:I understand your concern Jody, but I've checked that with my supervisor and only that can be done.

Me:Yeah well that's pretty crappy. Like I said other stores that sold that bundle game their customers a choice, they didn't stick them with a bundle that didn't include a game

gave not game

Amazon:Jody I do apologize for the inconvenience but I have the authority to only issue a $10 discount if you place an order for the Killzone game.

Me:I'd rather pay the extra $10 and buy it somewhere else


Amazon:I can understand your disappionted at this moment, Jody.

Would there be anything else I can help you with?

Me:No thanks for trying to help me. I know it's not your fault but that is a wrong way for Amazon to do it's customers. Have a good day

Amazon from is onlineSecure Connection.

It seems to me that they should give you a chance to choose a game instead of the extra controller but no dice.  This is a terrible way to treat their customers but what can you do?  If I cancel my order I will not get a PS4 on launch day.  Oh Amazon I use to love you so but you broke my heart on this one.

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