Sunday, August 18, 2013

Disney Infinity is unplayable

Disney-Infinity-logoDisney's Infinity came out today promising the world (or the worlds of their movies anyways).  This is a game that I was very excited about being about to play with my 6 year old and she was also excited about it.  We picked the game up this morning along with the side kick pack so that we could play multiplayer together.  She is all excited as we open up the pieces and install the game.  In true PS3 fashion there is an update that takes 20 minutes or so.  Once that is done we start playing.

The opening to this game is amazing.  It teaches you the controls and you get a quick look at some of the worlds you can play in and some of the things you will be able to do.  Once you get past that it's time to put a piece on the portal.  When we first did that player 1 worked and could roam around but player two couldn't move, so I restarted the game.  This time both people could move and we went to play the story mode for the Monsters Inc.  Once that story mode started neither of us could move so I restarted for the second time.  This time on the restart I was told that we had a corrupted save file and needed to delete it. So I did and we played through the opening again.  Now both players could move again and we went to play a mini game however once in there neither player could move so I restarted again and again corrupted save file and replayed the intro.

Now when we start the game up and replay the into (I've played it seven times now) the game freezes when you put your piece on the portal.  My daughter who was so excited about this game got up and told me she was done with the game.  She then left and went to play in her room.  I've contacted Disney but haven't heard anything back (I don't really think I ever will).

This game had so much potential and hopefully they have a patch out soon that fixes the game.  The issue is going to be all the non gamers who buy this game and then take it right back because it's broken.  If Disney doesn't fix this quick then word will get out and it's dead on arrival.


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