Monday, November 19, 2012

Time to bench Gabbert

If you've listened to the podcast then you know I'm in favor of letting Gabbert play this year.  After all we drafted him two years ago with the tenth overall pick, so we need to give him a chance to see if he is the guy.  However that time has now passed and it's time let Gabbert sit.  Last week against the Texans Chad Henne came into the game and lead the Jaguars to the most points they've scored all year.  Justin Blackmon for once looked like a real NFL receiver and the Jaguars gave the Texans all they could handle.

Watching Henne lead the Jaguars made you wonder if the Jaguars are really just a good quarterback away from being a good team.  I was shocked when I heard that Mularkey was going to start Henne this week against the Titans.  Not that it's not the right move but that it may cost both Mularkey and Smith their jobs.  When Gene Smith drafted Blaine Gabbert with the tenth overall pick he knew it could cost him his job.  If Blaine was a bust then Smith would be gone.  So far it looks like Blaine has been just that, a bust.  Mularkey is tied to Smith, so if Smith is fired then Mularkey probably isn't too far behind.

I do think it shows good judgement on Mularkey's part to start Henne, even though it might cost him his job.


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