Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All in should lead to All Out

The Jaguars this season adopted the slogan "All In" but after this season, one that could end up as the worst in franchise history, they should be all out. By all out I mean the GM, coaching staff, front office, everyone. For the last ten seasons the Jaguars have made some of the worse moves in the NFL. Bad free agent pickups, extremely poor drafting, and poor marketing should lead to a huge change in the organization. Gene Smith has to know that he is on the way out. When he was hired he said give him four years to rebuild this roster and four years later it may have worse talent then when he took over. While it may not be fair to the coaching staff to fire all of them, they have to know if Gene Smith is out so are they. A new GM will want to bring in his own head coach. As for the front office they should be cleaned out as well. The lack of effort to market this team outside of Jacksonville is appalling. They did make more of an effort this season with the Jaguars caravan and some spots on the radio but it seems to little to late. The new people that were brought in this year from Kansas City should be allowed to stay but anyone that has been part of the team for any length of time in the marketing department should be asked to leave. It's time to rebuild this team from the top down. The Jaguars need to take a close look at the Steelers, Giants, Packers and Patriots to see how they go about things and try to copy them. The Jaguars do have some young talent that looks promising and they should end up with an extremely high draft pick. Hopefully both of these will be enough to bring in a talented head coach.

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