Saturday, October 6, 2012

Are the Jaguars the worst team in the NFL?

Since the Jaguars joined the NFL in 1995 never have I felt like they were the worst time, until now. Gene Smith said four years ago that this team needed to be rebuilt and that the process would take about four years. Well it's now four years later and this team is worse than when he started the process. Blaine Gabbert seems to be a bust and a backup quarterback at best, Justin Blackmon looks like he has promise but hasn't delivered on it, and Tyson Alulu is a nice player but not a dominate player. These are three of the four top ten picks that Gene Smith has had since becoming the general manager. I understand that you aren't going to hit a home run every time but with four top ten picks at least two of them should be All-Pro calibre players. The only one the meets that standard is Eugene Monroe.

Even his free agent moves haven't worked out. Chad Henne was really beaten out by cheaper backup Jordon Palmer but Henne got the job (mainly because he was one of Smith's "big" free agent moves). Clint Sessions can't stay on the field and now it looks like Lamont Robinson may have the same problems. Paul Polakowski has been amazing but who else has Gene Smith signed that has worked out?

Looking at the Jaguars roster and the on the field play, they are the worst team in the NFL. Last season Jags fans went in with a fire JDR chant and by the end of this year it should be fire Gene Smith. That would also signal the end of Blaine Gabbert and maybe even Mike Mularkey and the coaching staff. Is it fair that Mularkey would be one and done? Not really but a new GM is going to want a new coach and fans are getting tired of waiting to have something to get excited about.

It's sad that we are only a quarter of the way into the season and the season is already lost. Shad Khan is going to have to make some moves this offseason and hopefully he does a better job than Wayne Weaver did. Getting a great GM is the first and most important move to make. Let's hope he makes the right decisions so we don't have to watch many more games like the ones the last couple of years.

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