Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jaguars Playing One Home Game in London for Four Years

Starting in the 2013 season the Jaguars will play one home game in London for the next four years. That means as a season ticket holder we lose a game every year. Now for my hard earned money I will get two practice games and seven home games. I for one have been against this move all along. I don't mind the Jaguars playing in London but why do all the games have to home games?

In a letter to Jaguar fans Khan had this to say:
I am very proud to share the news that your Jacksonville Jaguars will be announced today as the featured home team in London as part of the NFL International Series.
Beginning in 2013, the Jaguars will play one of our regular season home games in Wembley Stadium through 2016 as part of the National Football League’s effort to grow the NFL brand throughout the world. The Jaguars and the entire Jacksonville community will be a centerpiece in the NFL’s efforts over these four seasons, and that’s a very exciting and rewarding development for all of us. My ambition is to make the Jaguars one of the signature franchises in the NFL and to see Jacksonville realize its full potential as a destination for commerce, tourism and living. An annual home game in London over four years, supported by initiatives in Jacksonville and throughout the United Kingdom to further develop our following, will help us achieve these goals and much more.

I am honored to welcome NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to Jacksonville today to announce the news, and in the weeks to come the Jaguars will have more information for our fans, partners and friends in the community. I wanted you to hear the news from me directly, and I thank you for the consistent and impressive support you’ve given the Jaguars over the years. I know great things are ahead for the Jacksonville Jaguars!


Shad Khan

I've been a season ticket holder for seven years now and this move really makes me question if this will be my last year. I know the cost of tickets will go down by one game but we still get stuck with practice games, which are worthless. The past two years we have gotten the fourth preseason game which none of the starters even play. At some point as a customer you have to look at the cost and what you get for the cost and decide if it's worth it. The move just pushed that needle closer to the not worth it side.

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