Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars will not use the NFL's new Blackout standard, is this a mistake?

As a Jaguars fan there are two things you hate to hear people bring up, the Jaguars moving and blackouts.  While talks of the Jaguars moving have died down some the talks about blackout haven't.  It's true that the last couple of seasons the Jaguars have not had a blackout but what most fans don't want to admit is that is because local companies or Wayne Weaver bought out the remaining tickets.  Now this isn't true of all games but the ones that we should of been blacked out.  It would of been nice to be under the new NFL blackout rule, which only requires teams to sell out 85%.  The downside is that the home team has to share more of the revenue of the gate with the other team.  This was a big reason the Jaguars didn't go under the new rule, which was confirmed by team president Mark Lamping,
"We have not finalized our blackout number yet, but it will be the same as last year, or very close, to accommodate some seating initiatives we are considering unrelated to the blackout issue."

One on hand I understand Mr. Khan's thinking on this, he wants to sell out and not worry about it.  His goal is to make the Jaguars tickets as valuable as possible.  This is all good and all but what happens the first game that's blacked out.  I hate to say that but Mr. Khan has already said that he will not buy up any tickets so that the team will not get blacked out.  Add this to the fact that the economy is still bad and the Jaguars are coming off of a bad season and it isn't good.

Personally I would of preferred the Jaguars to go under the NFL rule and not worry about being blacked out.  That would take away the worry of getting to the blackout number every week.  Instead of having the negativity around about not selling enough tickets start to make a positive feel.  This could still happen if Mr. Khan and the Jaguars are successful in making the Jagaurs tickets "the hottest ticket in town."  If this doesn't happen though and the Jaguars do get blacked out, this will be considered a huge mistake and something else for fans to be critical of the team.

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