Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gravity Rush Review

When I first saw Gravity Rush I was not interested.  Watching the video I wrote it off as a game that I would never try, however when the demo came out I decided to play through it.  I played the demo a couple of times and was hooked.  I'm not sure why but something about this game really grabbed me and I went from not interested at all to preordering and picking it up day one.

You play as Kat a girl who doesn't remember who she is or where she came from.  She's not even sure her name is Kat but someone early in the game gives that name to her because she also has a cat with her.  The cat gives her special powers that allow her to shift gravity.  With that power Kat can fly but only until her gravity gage runs out and then she has to refill it by returning to normal gravity.

The game is made for the Vita and it really shows.  While doing gravity kicks you can use the accelerometer to direct where Kat will land.  The touch screen is also used well in this game, by putting your thumbs in the bottom corner of the screen Kat will power slide.  It looks kind of like surfing on the ground, this lets her move much faster.  Like gravity kicks you tilt the Vita to direct which was Kat is sliding.   The cut scenes are done comic style and by tilting the Vita the frame in the comic also tilts.  This really doesn't add much other than it's kind of cool to show off.

The story is interesting and a little weird.  I'm not going into it because I don't want to spoil anything.  The challenge races gives the game replay value, as does collecting orbs.  Yes I know there are orbs to be collected and you use these to power up Kat.  One of the parts of the game I really liked was the hidden couple that you could find.  There is a couple who have been separated and they are trying to find each other.  I think there are hidden in the game 16 times and each one you find gives you a little more of their story.  On top of that there are three hidden Nevi in the game.

If you own a Vita this is a must buy.  So far I've gotten all of the trophies except three (well four if you count the platinum trophy) and I look forward to playing it to try to get the last ones.  There is DLC for the game (so far two with others promised.)  The game itself takes about eight to ten hours to beat it but you can put much more than that looking for orbs or doing the challenges.  Gravity Rush is well worth the money.

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