Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars near the middle of attendance last season

As a Jaguars fan we've all heard the jokes about nobody wanting to go to the games.  Anytime someone wants to try to get under your skin there's a comment about the Jaguars having to cover up seats so they wouldn't get the dreaded blackout.  So where did the Jaguars rank last year in attendance?  Well according to ESPN the Jaguars ranted 25th in attendance.

While that might not sound that great (there is a lot of room for improvement) there are seven other teams that had worse attendance than the Jaguars.  The other two Florida teams Miami (28) and Tampa Bay (30) were worse along with Arizona (27), Oakland (29) St. Louis (31), Cincinnati (32), and even a historic team that was in the playoff race in Chicago (26).  Even Pittsburgh (22) wasn't that much higher than the Jaguars.

The Jaguars will probably never be in the top of this category with the NFC East teams (except Philadelphia) all in the top ten, along with another NY team in the Jets.  Some cities will always draw more than a smaller market but the Jaguars did pretty well in a year that the team stunk.  By the end of the year nobody really wanted to go to a Jaguars game because there was no offense.  The only reason to go  would of been to see Jones-Drew set the Jaguars single season rushing record.

This season will be a big year for the Jaguars.  If they can have a bunch of exciting games and improve during the year, than for the next several years, attendance should continue to go up.  However if the offense stinks it up like they did this year than it's going to be a hard sell.



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