Friday, June 1, 2012

Gravity Rush Demo Review

Gravity Rush was a game that I had little interest in until I kept hearing people talk about it.  The game is made in Japan and you can tell that in the art style.  The game focuses on this girl who can't remember who she is (does that sound familiar) and who finds this mystery cat that allows her to defy gravity.  The game is pretty slick and the controls work well.  Clicking the right shoulder button once makes her float while clicking it again sends her to the green marker, the marker is where she is suppose to be going and I'm sure in the game you can also set the marker.  With the gravy altered she can walk on buildings or float in the air.  This sometimes gives that feeling when you go underwater and don't know what way is up.  I could see it giving you a headache until you got use to it but if it does you can always click the left shoulder button to correct the gravity.

The demo mainly lets you get the controls down and fight a couple of alien looking bad guys.  The graphics are cell shaded and for the most part look fine.  I'm not sure if the whole game is this way but in Zelda style there is no talking in the demo instead you have to read subtitles.  Part of the dialog also reads like a comic book.

Overall I thought the game looked very interesting and I'm not 100% sold on it as a day one purchase but it has me thinking about it.  If the game didn't come out the same day as Metal Gear Solid for the Vita it would be a day one purchase.  Check out the demo and let me know what you think.


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