Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I want in WWE 13

THQ has had the WWE franchise for several years and while putting out a decent game they fall short in so many ways.   In the PS2 days I use to play through the story of these games but haven't done that in years.  Mostly because none of them really caught my attention.  I'm not saying that they weren't good but not really for me.  With that said I am fine with the single player part of the game and the mechanics, where I really want to see improvement is online.

For years THQ has had the same lame online setup.  The main problem with the current setup is there is no party system.  Say I have two other friends online and we want to play, well under the way it's setup now after every match we have to setup another match and then quickly join before some random person does.  It would be nice to have a party system so that when the match was over we all stay in the party and can setup another match.  This is a pretty standard feature for most game these days.  This would be a huge improvement but it just one of the things I would like to see.

What I would really like to see them add is an online league.  In this league you could have several players join and pick a wrestler, the others could be controlled by the computer.  Similar to Madden you have a commissioner but the commish in this league would have to setup matches.  It would really be nice if the AI gave the commish suggestions for what matches could happen and then he could edit them as needed.  In this league you could have as many or few belts as setup by the commish and have interference in matches if so desired.  The interference would be something that could be turned on for some matches and off for others.  There would be the pay per views where title matches would be held and so forth.

This really seems like the next step for this franchise but will it happen, I'm sad to say I doubt it.  THQ knows they have a cash cow in this series and don't seem too worried about putting much into the game.  Yeah there will be some changes but we will be stuck with a similar bad online experience again for years to come.  It's a shame, while this series is good it could be great.

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