Thursday, April 26, 2012

Offensive tackle for the Jaguars?

Last season at this time I was very hyped up for the NFL draft.  As a Jaguars fan we knew that the team would be picking a quarterback.  That night I was exstatic when the Jaguars drafted a player who many experts said was the best quarterback in the draft.  Fast forward one season and a large part of Jaguar fans have already given up on Blaine Gabbert.  This season our biggest weakness are the same as they have been for several years, need someone to rush the passer and need some wide receivers.

Listening to different "experts" I've heard several names of who the Jaguars might draft but mostly that the Jaguars want to trade back.  Rumors are also that most team from the 3rd pick to maybe even as low as the 16th pick would like to trade back so the value might not be there.  I really hope the Jaguars don't trade back just to say they traded back.

The one player that I look at right now and have heard he could fall because of team needs in front of the Jaguars is Matt Kalil who is an offensive tackle.  Offensive line is not a position that screams need for the Jaguars and it sure doesn't get the fan base excited, however if he is there the Jags have to grab him.  Most likely he will be gone and should be but there is a chance that he falls.  It's not too much of a stretch to see it happening.  If Gene Smith is truly a best play available (which I have serious doubts that he is) this would be the guy if he is still on the board.

Other than that I have no idea who they would pick or should pick.  Looking at's mock draft they had four different mock drafts up and two of them have the Jaguars getting Blackmon, one has Melvin Ingram and the other Stephon Gilmore.  Of the four only one of them doesn't have the Vikings picking Matt Kalil and he has the Rams picking him with the 6th pick.

The thing with the Rams is they need a wide receiver as much as the Jaguars do and if it's Kalil or Blackmon that would be very interesting to see who they pick.  Even though you could get more excited about Blackmon, I would hope the Jags have a shot at Kalil.  Having him on one side and Monroe on the other would be some nice bookends.  Britton would then move to guard and that offensive line just became really good.

That's my thought.  I will be the first to admit the draft is not my thing because I don't watch a lot of college football and don't spend a ton of time watching tape or the combines.  I'm a fan with a family and it just takes too much time to research all of these guys.  Hopefully we will get a truly great player no matter what the position.



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