Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is Microsoft phishing for phone numbers?

Like a lot of gamers I like to sign into to check my messages, see who's on and what they are playing, and to schedule downloads for demos.  Today when I tried to sign on I got a message saying that my account has been blocked.  The reasons they gave for it being block were I either had sent out a bunch of spam or done something else that violated  their Windows Live Terms of Service.  The e-mail I use for this was setup just for my xbox account and I don't use it for anything else.  The only people that have that email address are Microsoft and whoever they decide to share it with.

The way to get your account unblocked is to give Microsoft your phone number.  Yep it seems like Microsoft wants your phone number to add to it's collection.  You give them your phone number and then they send you a code that you have to enter that will unblock your account.  This seems like a cheap way to get your phone number to me.  With Facebook and Google already collecting as much information about you as possible it seems Microsoft wants to catch up.

The funny thing about this is if I close that screen and then reload I get into my account just fine.  However if I sign out and try to sign back in again then I get the same account blocked page.  This plus the fact that my fourth xbox is about to die (I'm having disc tray problems) might just be the end of the xbox for me.

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