Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Jaguars should go hard after Peyton Manning

For those of you who have listened to the podcast for a long time or follow me on Twitter this may come as a surprise coming from me. I have made no beefs about going after Peyton for his less than clutch play in big games. I do believe that some guys are clutch and some aren't and Peyton, well he isn't. I feel if you look at his history it shows this. That however is about the only thing bad you can say about Manning. Other than that if you were to make up a perfect quarterback Manning would hold all of the qualities that you would want.

Before I go into why the Jaguars should go after him let's look first at why Peyton may want to come play in Jacksonville. First even though things look like they ended well with Jim Irsay, you have to believe Peyton would love to stick it to him a couple of time a year, playing in the AFC South gives him that chance. The next would be weather. The Jets seem to be a popular choice to be Peyton's next team but why would an aging quarterback who has played his whole career in a dome want to go freeze in New York? I know Farve did it but he was coming from Green Bay so he was use to it. The weather in Jacksonville is great. The Jaguars were bad last year but look at this, they have one of the (if not the) best running backs in football and the sixth ranked defense. The Jags would need to add some WR's also but if they do that then the Jaguars are a team to be dealt with. The last reason Peyton might want to choice Jacksonville is the microscope wouldn't be as big on him as Miami or New York. Peyton be under a microscope this year but in New York everything he does would be questioned, as in Jacksonville not so much.

Now why should the Jaguars go after Manning, well he's Peyton Manning. This would do several things for the Jaguars, first if he is healthy and gets close to his old form it dramatically improves their team. That is kind of the no brainer but it does more than that. The Jaguars are working hard on selling out the stadium and growing fan support and you might not ever have a chance to give your franchise a shot in the arm like this. Bringing Peyton in would get fans excited about the season and draw in new fans.

Two questions that would come up with this move are one are you giving up on Blaine Gabbert and two what if Peyton can't play anymore. The answer to the Gabbert question is no you are not giving up on him. Gabbert struggled badly last season and could of used time to learn the game. Who better to learn from than Peyton Manning. Manning is famous for his work ethic and knowing how to prepare. If Peyton couldn't play then you hired another quarterback coach to help Blaine Gabbert. Either way it's a win for the Jaguars.

The next week will be very interesting to see where Peyton ends up. Wherever it is the fans of that team will be thrilled to have him.

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