Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First thoughts of the PS Vita

Judging only by the number of times I've been asked how I like my Vita and the conversation on Twitter about it, I'd say there is a lot of buzz for the Vita. When I got mine last week I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning and after having my Vita for several day I can say that I am not disappointed.

When you first power up the Vita you have to go through the normal setup process, setting time, date and things like that. In true Playstation fashion you can't sign into your PSN account until you do an update. Because of this you have to sign in as a guest and then finish the rest of the start up process. You can't do the update until you have done this which is a little silly. After that you update the system which takes a couple of minutes (nothing like updating the PS3 for the first time). After the update you can sign in and off you go. My Vita was about 80% charged so I could play for awhile before having to charge it again.

The interface is really nice and the touch is snappy and responsive. The icons are bubbles and looks very IOSish. You swipe up or down to scroll through the menu and hold down a bubble and they start to shake. From this point you can move icons by dragging them or delete them. There are certain apps you can't delete (like the web browser but there are parental controls that allow you to lock it out.) Once you click on a icon a start menu appears and you have to click it to start the program. This is one thing I wish they cut out, why not go straight into the program? To exit a program click the Playstation button and it takes you out of it but it doesn't close it. To do this you have to drag you finger from the top right corner of the screen and pull down like you are tearing off a sticker.

I had heard that load times where lengthy but I didn't have that problem. The first time you put a game it will install the game and an icon on the screen. I've been playing Uncharted mostly and the controls work great, I love having the two thumbsticks. The game looks and feels like I'm playing on a PS3, the only downside I've found is the size. The size is great for playing games but it's a little big to carry in your pocket. This is one thing I love about the 3DS is it fits nicely in my pocket but even with that I'm not complaining because the size is great when you are playing.

I was very excited when the Vita was announced and I have to say I am not disappointed. Hopefully this device will be supported by third party developers better than the PSP. As long as Sony has taken care of the hacking and illegal game downloads I think that they will. It's a great platform and I am very excited about it future.

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