Monday, January 16, 2012

Jeff Fischer a no start for the Jaguars head coaching job?

While talking about the coaching search Mr. Khan made a comment about interviewing a big name coach that wanted the Jaguars to enter a "derby" for his services. Mr. Khan never came out and said who that coach was but it's pretty clear the guy he was talking about was Jeff Fischer.

Khan laid out what the Jaguars wanted in a head coach, two of those things included being able to work with Gene Smith and not having a big ego. It appears that Jeff Fischer met none of those requirements. Fischer played the Rams vs the Dolphins to see how much control he could get. The Rams who didn't have a GM in place ultimately won out. Mr Khan said the Jaguars were not willing to join that "derby". Even at the press conference to announce Mike Malarkey as the head coach Mr. Khan made a comment about the coaching search not having any drama.

Like other fans I like the idea that Jeff Fischer may come to coach in Jacksonville. However after seeing everything play out I don't blame the Jaguars for staying out of this one, plus while I think Fischer is a good coach his numbers aren't that great. In 17 years as head coach of the Titans they made the playoffs just six times. I think in this case the Jaguars were right to look to someone else to be their man.

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