Friday, December 9, 2011

What does "Jacksonville fans will be comfortable" mean?

Last Tuesday the NFL Finance Committee approved the sale of the Jaguars to Mr. Khan. The next step is for the owners to take a vote to pass the sale. The interesting news from this was the comment Mr. Khan made after the meeting in which he said,
They will be very comfortable next week. Hopefully, if the vote goes the way we are expecting, I will be happy to elaborate on it. They will not be disappointed.

The "they" he is talking about is Jacksonville fans, so the question that all of us are asking is what does that mean? What would it take for us to be "comfortable" that the Jaguars are not leaving Jacksonville any time soon. I thought about this awhile and anything Mr. Khan says would not put me at ease. Not that I think that he would be lying necessarily but it's what he would have to say until the team did move. So after much thought the only thing I could come up with was building a new stadium.

If he spent the money to build a new stadium, I wouldn't be worried at all about the team moving. I've been to several stadiums and Everbank is one of the worst designs. The stadium itself isn't in bad shape but it's just not designed very well for a NFL stadium. Do I think this will happen, well in a word no.

If I was him there would be no way that I would build a new stadium plus there are all kinds of problems that go along with trying to do so. So what is he going to do? If he's not going to build a stadium then maybe spend money fixing up the one we have now. Better audio, a video board, and WiFi throughout the stadium would be nice. Everbank is terrible for using your cell phone, forget about Tweeting anything from the game. There are also some small things that could be done like making the club section of the stadium smaller. These seats are the hardest to sell because of the price but on the bright side they don't count for a blackout.

These are things that I could see happening. However would it make fans comfortable that the team wouldn't leave? Well it would help. Then fellow Jaguars fan Casey Ayers made a guess that makes a lot of sense. Here's what he said via Twitter,
Yup. Wouldn't be surprised to see a Flex-N-Gate plant announcement with 400-500 jobs, either. Given Toyota's proximity could be cost-saving or at worst a wash, & being 100% company owner makes it easy.

This would change one of the biggest worries most fans have about Mr. Khan and that's he does not have any ties to Jacksonville. This would put his company and him in the community and stir good will by creating jobs as well.

I guess we will have to wait until Mr Khan tells us what he had in mind. I for one am very excited about the future of the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

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