Thursday, December 22, 2011

Portable North Pole

I meant to review these next several apps last week but let's get to them now. The first one is an iPhone app the Portable North Pole. The app has several sections likes Santa's Videos, where Santa answers some popular questions like how reindeer can fly, Santa's Radar so you can track Santa, Countdown shows you how many days are left until Christmas and has special message from Santa and Wishlist. In the wishlist section you can make serval wishlist for different people. This section can come in real handy for keeping up with what kids want for Christmas. Not only can you type in what they want but you can record audio and take a picture. The audio and picture are a nice touch to make sure you get the exact right thing.

Then there is the parent section, in the section you create a special message from Santa. You will need a picture and some information like child's age and what they want for Christmas. You can also choose to have them on the naughty list or the nice list. After the video is made you can download it to your phone or e-mail a link to someone to watch on the internet. My 4 year old loves watching the video and has watched it everyday for the past week.

While this app is nice it comes up short in many ways. Most videos you can turn your phone into landscape mode and watch them however the video you make from Santa you can not. Also the app is $2.99 and with that they allow you to download three videos but after that you have to pay. This is pretty lame. I could understand if the app was free but for $3 you should be able to make as many videos as you like. There are other apps that allow you to do this including one I will review shortly, Magic Santa. For $3 I would probably find another app but if you do download this one, your kids would enjoy watching the videos.

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