Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ever wish you could easily put pictures and birthdays on your phone contacts? If so MyPhone+ is that app that you need to see. MyPhone+ matches the names of your Facebook friends with the contacts on your phone and when it matches them it then imports pictures, birthdays, and e-mails. The first time I did this it matched most of my contacts but there was also a list of conflicts. These might be names that are slightly different than on Facebook so the app pulls them out to make you confirm that they are the same person.

After running the app all of your contact that were matched up will then show up with their Facebook profile picture. To update the pictures you have to run the app again. The other big part of this app is birthdays. This app will also pull in birthdays from your Facebook friends. If you allow notifications you get an alert when it's someone's birthday.

This app is a pretty simple app but it does a good job. The syncing process only takes a couple of seconds even on 3G. It's .99 in the app store and if you like to have your contacts updated then it's worth it.

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