Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Xbox LIVE app

We finally got our annual dashboard update this week and to my surprise we also got our very first Xbox LIVE app put out by Microsoft. Now there have been apps that allowed you to see who was online and send messages for awhile but nothing from Microsoft, until now.

The app does many of the basic things that you would think that it should like see who's online playing, check messages, and send messages. You can also see your achievements and compare them to your friends. While doing this you will notice unlike other apps this app shows your avatar with motion much like the dashboard. There are also videos from the dashboard that you can watch. Most of this stuff has been done before by third party apps, the main thing this app does that others didn't is allow you to customize your avatar. Just like from the dashboard you can dress your avatar or change their appearance all together.

Overall I like the app and it will replace what I was using to do the same thing. There are somethings this app doesn't have that I wish they would of included like being able to schedule downloads of demos or being able to purchase games and have them download when you start your Xbox up. These are some of the things you can do these things from the Something I would love for them to do is to have the ability to join a Xbox party from your phone. This is something that they should be able to do and would take the social part of gaming to the next level. Maybe that's something that will come out in a later update. For now the app is free and if you own an Xbox it's something you should have.

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