Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mr. Khan will not be at Monday Night Football

There are still tickets to be sold for the Monday Night Football game against the Chargers. As fans one thing we were asked was to come out and show Mr. Khan what kind of fans were in Jacksonville. Now we get word the Mr. Khan will not be there. To be fair he has a meeting in New York the next morning with the NFL Finance Committee.

I have heard from several people who know Mr. Khan and I've only heard really good things. Mainly that he is a huge football fan and that the fans will love to have him as an owner. I know Everbank Field will be rocking Monday Night and it's a shame that he will not be there to see it. There is suddenly excitement all around about the Jaguars, with some many new things happening. Mel Tucker will get his first chance to show if he should be the man here in Jacksonville and we start to say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Weaver. Owners that I have had the privilege to meet a couple of times and who I have a lot of respect. Here are Mr. Khan's comments on not being able to at Monday Night Football.
"I sincerely appreciate Wayne Weaver’s invitation to me and my family to join him for Monday night’s game against San Diego. I was ready for some football.

"However, the best thing that evening is for me to be in New York to focus on the NFL Finance Committee’s meeting scheduled on Tuesday. And, above all, I feel that Monday night should be about three important people in the Jaguars family – Mel Tucker and, of course, Wayne and Delores Weaver. Mel and Wayne and Delores each fully deserve our love, attention and enthusiastic support on Monday night. This moment is for them.

"The Jacksonville community has been simply terrific since our announcement on Tuesday, and my entire family is extremely appreciative. I am aware of the supportive letters, calls, emails, Tweets and even T-shirts, and your kindness is truly appreciated. It’s exactly what Wayne promised us when we expressed our commitment to Jacksonville and the Jaguars, and I can’t wait to finally meet everyone in person later this month. In the meantime … Go Jaguars!"

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