Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hopefully Mr. Khan will bring marketing changes

One reason I started doing this podcast five years ago was there wasn't anything Jaguars related where I live. This would make sense if I lived a good distance from Jacksonville but I live in Savannah, which is about two hours away. For years I have complained that if you take five steps out of Jacksonville their marketing is nothing. In Savannah I never see an ad on TV promoting the upcoming game or hear something on the radio. The Jaguars don't come here to promote the team in the offseason. They use to go to Hilton Head every year but that is a totally different market and they stopped doing that at least ten years ago.

The Jaguars here don't get much love and the organization doesn't seem to care. Games haven't been on the radio for several years and this Monday Night Football game showed up on the last page of the sports section with a small column. If a game doesn't sell out though Savannah gets blacked out but why is that? According to a article on the Bucs problems it says
According to NFL rules, home games must be sold out 72 hours before kickoff to avoid a TV blackout within a 75-mile radius of the local market. Teams can ask the league for a 24-hour extension if the game is close to selling out.

Savannah is 139 miles from Jacksonville. Almost double the distance that would be included in their local market.

Back to the radio for a moment, how hard is it to find a radio station that would carry the game? That is something that has stunned me for years. They are on the radio in Jesup and I believe Hinesville but you can not pick those up in Savannah. Of course you can listen to them over the internet. This usually isn't a deal for me cause I have season tickets and go to the game. I have friends that had season tickets for several years and then canceled them. You know how many calls they have gotten to come back? Zero, none nada. I bought Atlanta Thrashers tickets once about six years ago and I got called at least once a year every year.

I know Jacksonville is a small market and the fan relations department of the team is pretty small. So the Jaguars need to work smarter. I tip my hat to them for the Champions Club and using fans that want to help the team. I did that one year and it was a lot of work but I enjoyed it. However even with that our "Champions Team" was made up of people from Georgia and we got basically no support. Teams from Jacksonville would get Jaxon or members of the Roar to show up at their events to sell tickets, we got a signed helmet by a third string linebacker that nobody knew.

I love the Jaguars and want not only to see them stay in Jacksonville but for it to be hard to get tickets to a game. I want to see them do extremely well. Nobody talks about Green Bay being a small market and hopefully that's what we will end up with here. It's going to take time, a whole lot of work and some changes in how the team markets to the Savannah's and Orlando's outside of the city limits of Jacksonville.

Link to quote about blackouts

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