Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smurf's Village

Imagine Farmville but set with Smurf's and you have Smurf's Village. You start out with two houses and one garden and the goal is to earn both XP and money. To do this you can play one of several mini games like mixing Papa Smurfs potions or by playing a baking game in Greedy Smurfs house. The other way to earn money is by planting crops and harvesting them. The different crops give you different money and XP and takes different amounts of time to be ready to harvest. Blueberries for example grow in a minute while Watermelons take 12 hours to grow.

The game is free but like Farmville this game allows to speed things up by buying (with real money) Smurfberries. Using Smurfberries will make crops grow instantly and the same with building houses or bridges or whatever else you may want to add to your village. You don't have to buy Smurfberries to play, it will just take you longer to build up your village.

One more thing about this game that I like it that it does tie in with you Facebook account and you can visit any of your friends Smurf Villages or just visit a random village. Overall the game is pretty fun but mainly a time waster but for free it's worth trying out. So download load it and start having a smurfing good time.

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