Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shahid Khan to buy the Jaguars

According to Tania Ganguli, Shahid Khan is the person buying the Jaguars. So the next question would be who is Shahid Khan? Well according to Wikipedia Khan was born in Pakistan and is a graduate of Illinois School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He now owns Flex-n-Gate which makes bumpers for cars. He tried to buy the Rams but lost out when a minority owner decided to buy them. It does seem like at least for now Khan wants to keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville but with no roots here you do have to wonder how long that will last. From what I hear the lease on the stadium would be pretty hard to get out of for the next many years. However if you had enough money it could be done. For that we will have to wait and see. I have no idea what kind of owner Mr. Khan will be, my only thought is Fred Smith sure would of been easier to say.

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