Friday, November 4, 2011

Scribblenauts Remix

I first became a fan of Scribblenauts when it came out on the Nintendo DS. It is one of those games that is different and a perfect fit to be brought over to the IOS platforms. For those of you who haven't tried Scribblenauts yet it's a puzzle game which you chose who to solve the puzzle. Let me explain, in one of the puzzles from the DS (I'm don't remember if it's in this game also) you have to get a star out of a tree. You goal is to give Max (the character of the game) tools to get the star. To do this type in what you need to get the star down, say a ladder, then a ladder appears. Put the ladder in place and use your finger to make Max walk over to the ladder, climb up and get the star. Easy enough right? Well that one is but there are also many different ways you could of solved the puzzle, like you could of gotten a jetpack and flown up to the star and grabbed it. Or you could got termites to eat the tree and the tree would of fallen so that you could grab the star. The point is there are more than one way to solve the puzzle. The puzzles start out pretty easy but get more challenging as you go along. You would also be surprised at how many items are in the game. You can stump it but most of the time whatever you type appears and you get to see if it will help you solve the puzzle.

There are some flaws to this game, like once I needed to help Max get this other guy across a body of water. In the water was a gator so he couldn't fall into the water or he would be eaten. My first thought was easy enough a boat, however Max would get right into the boat but the guy would get on top of it and fall off once it started to move. This is one of the problems of the game. There is no reason why the boat shouldn't of gotten them across but it just wouldn't work. This flaw though is small and not something you run into often. Overall the game is great. It's $4.99 in the app store now and worth it however if you are on the fence you may want to watch for a sale. I'm sure with all the holiday's coming up there will be tons of app sales happening. With that being said I bought it at full price and don't regret my purchase.

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