Friday, November 18, 2011

Monster Madness HD

Monster Madness is a game that I downloaded just to write a review on and have found myself playing it none stop. It's a basic game that has two game modes, Classic Mode and Madness Mode. I have been play the Classic mode the most. The game is pretty simple and very similar to other games. Your goal is to get the monsters at the top of the rows to the bottom. To do this you have to line up at least three blocks. If you don't plan your moves out right though they get near the bottom and you can't make a move. If this happens more blocks come onto the screen allowing you what you need to pass. Sounds easy enough but you are also timed. There are 12 levels but I've only made it to level 6 so far. The Madness mode is only different in that every minute or so more blocks are added and if the blocks go above a line you lose. There are many games out there like this one but I have been enjoying it.

I picked this game up for $.99 but it has gone up to $1.99. I would stay it's still worth it if you like puzzle type games like Tetris or Bejeweled.

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