Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Infinite Campus Mobile Portal

If you have kids in a school that uses Process Portal then you want to check this app out. Process Portal is a website where you can go and see you kids assignments and grades. It's really a nice site if the teachers at your school keeps it updated. Well now there is an app as well. With the app you can check on most things you would use the website to do. It's not a fancy design but one that works well. There are six sections in the app: Daily Planner, Assignments, Attendance, Grades, Schedule, and Settings.

The Daily Planner shows your kid's schedule for the day. In my case my high schooler has four classes and when I click on a class it gives me all kinds of information about that class. I get the teacher's name, his or her e-mail address, location of the class, and a quick glance at what the assignments are, grades, and attendance. This is good for kind of an overall quick look at that class.

The Assignments sections shows all of the assignments for every class. In the Daily Planner you would have to look for every class and you would only see the latest assignments for that class. However in this section all of the assignments for all of the classes shows up in one location. At the far right of each assignment it also shows the grade for each assignment. By clicking on an assignment you see what the total amount of points where, the day it was assigned and when it was due.

Attendance is pretty simple, it shows you how many times your kid was absent and if they have it down as an excused or unexcused absents. The Grades section shows you all the grades for the year. You can look by quarter to get an overview or reminder of what their grades were and you can dig down more and see all of the grades for each assignment. The Schedule section is pretty much the same as the Dailey Planner section with the exception that you can look ahead to what the schedule will be in the future. For example my high schooler has four classes the first two quarters and four different classes the last two quarters. I could look and see what classes she has the last two quarters, along with who the teachers are and their e-mail.

The app works well and like I said if you have a kid in a school that uses Process Portal then you should pick this app up. One thing that I learned is there is a difference between a student login and a parent login. The information is the same but if you have two kids in school and use the student login then you have to log out and back in to change students. Also with a student login you get an ID that you can't change and it's a long number. However with a parents ID you can pick your login and all of your students information is there under one login. There is a button in the top right that allows you to pick what students info you want to see. This is very helpful. Of course it's only your kids that show up under the app. You can't go check how your kids friends are doing in school. The app is free and worth checking out.

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