Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Single Player Only)

Ever see the movie the Expendables? You know the one with all the great action movie actors in it. If you have you know that the movie had tons of action and expositions and not so much of a story. That's the way Modern Warfare series seemed to be headed. MW2 had some great levels but it seemed more like they designed the levels and then tried to put a story around it. The problem was it didn't really work and on top of that they had you changing characters so much it was hard to keep up. In Modern Warfare 3 they have fixed some of that.

Most of the game you play as Frost or Yuri, this makes it easier to follow the story and seems to give it more of a flow. The story isn't going to wow you but it is a decent story. This series has done a couple of things well, the first, have lots of tension and incredible scenes, this game isn't any different. The other thing this series does well is mix up the levels. Between driving boats, sniping, running and gunning it, or trying to sneak around, this game mixes it up enough that you are never bored or get that been there done that feeling. My only problem with the game is I felt that they over used the slow motion action scenes. In games past those were some of the epic moments but I felt like they went to the well too often in this game.

It will be interesting to see where the next Modern Warfare game goes with the story or if this is it. Because of somethings that happen in the story I get the feeling this is the end of the Modern Warfare series as we know it. I'm not saying the end of Call of Duty just the Modern Warfare part of the series.

Overall [Rating:3/5]

The game is short but it's fun and we all know the multiplayer is where this game makes it mark.

Questionable Content [Rating:4/5]

Maybe because I've gotten too use to it but I don't remember a ton of language but I'm sure there was. There are some scenes that could be disturbing, nothing as bad as the No Russian mission in MW2.

Achievements [Rating:3/5]

It's a Call of Duty game and with that you know that some of the achievements are going to be very challenging. In one play through on normal I got a little over 300 points.

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