Friday, November 4, 2011

Batman Arkham City

When Batman Arkham Asylum came out it quickly became one of my favorite games of all time. The way the game made you feel like Batman with the gameflow was nice. So when Arkham City was announced I was excited but also a little nervous, I know how hard it can be to follow up a great game. After beating it though I am very happy to say that they followed it up well and put out another must buy.

The game is based in Arkham City, a part of Gotham that has been walled off keeping all of Gotham's criminal masterminds inside. The city isn't huge but it's big enough to take a few minutes to get from one side to another. One of the great thing about Batman are the villains and Arkham City makes use of some of the different villains that didn't get used much or at all in Arkham Asylum. I don't want to give away who is in the game or any of the story line but I will say this, I loved the story. The main storyline of the game I thought was great and since I don't want to give anything away I'll leave it at that.

The big question about a single player game is how long is the campaign and is there replay value. If I had to guess I would think the campaign is about eight hours long. Also once you beat the game you can play through again with all your weapons upgraded and the enemies are smarter. Like Arkham Asylum there are Riddler challenges that add to the game play, that alone adds hours to the game. Also there are still challenge rooms were you fight bad guys and in rounds and get scored for how well you did. These rooms can get pretty challenging to get your score up and can get pretty addicting trying to do better than last time. New to this game are the side missions.

The side missions in this game will get you pretty distracted. I know I played for a couple of hours one night and didn't advance the main story at all. They are mixed in and you stumble upon them. If you buy the game new you also get several Catwoman missions. These were nice but I didn't enjoy these near as much as the rest of the game. In fact at one point I was wondering if I could skip it and get back to Batman. They did do a nice job though of making Catwoman different with different skill sets than Batman. You may have gotten across one room one way with Batman but have to rethink it playing as Catwoman.

Overall [Rating:5/5]

This game is great. I don't say that about a lot of games but so far this is the most fun game that I've played this year. I would say it is a must play and a game that you should buy.

Questionable Content [Rating:3/5]

Batman keeps it classy but some of the thugs well not so much. The violence in this game isn't too bad as most of it are fist fights and even when guns are used there is no blood. The language of the bad guys is pretty bad. I don't think I ever heard an F bomb dropped but just about everything else seemed to be fair gain. Harley Quinn also makes several sexual jokes that might just slip right by you but they are there.

Achievements [Rating:3/5]

For completing the story and doing some side missions I got 390 points. It's not terrible on achievements but you are going to have to work to get them.

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