Tuesday, October 18, 2011


With Postagram you can take a picture or use a picture from your camera roll, Facebook, or Instagram to make a postcard and have it sent. The app is very easy to use, pick a picture that you want to use then use a pinching motion to zoom in or out to get the picture the way you want it have it. Add your message and put the send to address and the only thing left is to hit the send button, that is if you have credits with Postagram. Each postcard cost .99 to have printed and shipped.

I sent my wife a postcard just to see how the card would look and was pleasantly surprised. The card has the picture and the message on the front but also has the message on the back of the picture. The picture is perforated so that it pops out of the postcard but still has the message on the back of the picture. This is a great app for sending grandparents or friends quick pictures from a trip of something special. .99 isn't a bad price either to have it printed and shipped. Mine was made within a day and I received it in five days. The app is free and is an app that will stay on my phone.

Postagram in iTunes Store

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