Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JibJab Jr.

JibJab is a well known web company that makes funny flash videos using your pictures. The idea behind the website is to crop someone's head and put it on one of the bodies in their videos. Now they are using that idea to put kids books on the iPad with JibJab Jr.

The idea here is simple, find a picture of your child and crop their head so that it can be inserted into the book. After inserting the picture the fun begins. Sit down with your child and read the book, which along with the story has a good use of motions, and watch them light up as not only their name is used but also their picture. I have a four year old and she loves these books. The stories are on par with other books that my daughter likes. The first book is free and after that they are priced on a scale. If you sign up for subscription they are $3.99 per book with one book coming out every month and $7.99 to buy them one at a time.

Like I said my daughter loves this app and because the first book is free it's worth checking out.

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