Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4S

Yesterday was the day most of us Apple fans had been waiting for, the introduction of the next iPhone. This was also the first product launch since Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple.  Overall I thought the phone had most of what I expected it to have and very few if any surprises.  The new iPhone will be faster and have more powerful components packed into it.  This really isn't a surprise as one thing you can guarantee is that every iPhone will be a little stronger than the the last one.  It also has an 8 megapixel camera, that is suppose to be better than the already great iPhone 4 camera. With IOS 5 is a photo editor that will allow you to make postcards with your pictures and for $2.99 have them printed and shipped, for those of us with kids this is a really nice feature.

The big announcement was how Siri was included in the iPhone 4S.  Siri is a voice recognition software that understands what you are asking it to do and does it.  This feature looked really cool.  In the video they showed a guy jogging and telling his phone to schedule an appointment for 12 with someone.  The phone comes back and tells him that he already has an appointment at that time.  One of the coolest looking features of Siri happened while driving home a guy tells his phone to remind him when he gets home to pick a present.  As soon as he pulls into the driveway a reminder pops up telling him to pick up a present.  If this works as good as the demo shows, then this alone is worth upgrading to get.

Overall for me this is a no brainer upgrade but remember I've currently got a 3GS.  If I had a iPhone 4 I would probably stay put until the iPhone 5 comes out.  The iPhone 4S looks just like the iPhone 4 and the upgrades are nice (Siri being awesome if it really works that well) but I'm not sure that it would be enough to make me want to upgrade.

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