Thursday, October 13, 2011

Henny Penny- Children's Interactive Storybook HD

Henny Penny- Children's Interactive Storybook HD is a story app that tell the well known story of Henny Penny. This app has pictures that goes along with the story as it is read to you. Since I have a young daughter I love these story apps that allows me to read to her from my iPad. This app though has several problems with it, the first being that there are no words. The story is told to you without the words to go with it and this for me is a problem because I like the apps that have the words that light up as they are being read. This helps kids learn site words and most apps that do this also give you the option of reading the story instead of having it read to you.

Another major problem with this app is there is background music that gets kind of annoying. There is a button to mute the music however you have to do this every time you turn the page. This was clearly an oversight and something that needs to fixed in an update.

Overall the app has flaws but it is free. My daughter liked the story but it's not an app that she goes back to very often, so if you liked the story of Henny Penny when you were little then you should check this app out.

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