Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flashcards Deluxe

If you are in school or you have kids in school Flashcards Deluxe can be a very helpful app. I've used this app for about a year now and loved it. Flashcards Deluxe is just what you would think by hearing the name, flashcards. You can enter your information in the app itself or use Quizlet to enter them or search for already made cards. One you have your study cards made the app will then show you one side of the card and by touching the screen the answer or other side of the card will be shown. Then by swiping up you show that you got the answer right and were very confident in the answer, by swiping right to left you tell the app that you got it right but wasn't so sure of the answer, and by swiping down you tell the app that you missed the question. Then if you choose after you have gone through all the cards the app will go through the ones you missed. This app is great for studying. I personally put all my info in using Quizlet because then it is simple to import that cards into my iPad, iPhone, or one of my kids iPods. The app is $4.49 but well worth it.

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