Monday, October 17, 2011

Face the Music

The Face the Music app allows you to post the song title and artist to your Facebook or tweet it. Not only songs but what I use it for most of all is to tweet out what podcast I am listening to at the time. I usually start the song or podcast and while listening to it launch this app, hit one button and send the info out. However the app does have iPod like controls so you could control what you are listening to from the app. The app also has a feature that will search for the song that you are listening to on Youtube and include a link to that song when you tweet it or add it to Facebook. You can also use the app to send out a quick tweet or Facebook update without having to wait for updates to be loaded. Great for when you don't want to check what's going on but simply send out an update. I have never used it for that but for sending out the song or podcast you're listening to this app works great.

.99 in iTunes

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