Friday, October 21, 2011


When Cards was first announced I was curious at how well the service would work, so I downloaded the app and tried it out. When you open the app you can choose which picture you want to put on the front and select from several predesigned fronts. There are about 14 patterns per type of card and then six types. The types are thank you, holiday, baby, birthday, love, and travel.

The app uses the geo location of the pictures to fill in the place. For example the front of one of the travel cards says "Wishing you were here in ......" The default says Paradise but as soon as you pick a picture that changes to where the picture was taken. The inside of the card has some default wording that you can charge or add something to it. It reads much like a standard card.

Once you are done making the card you can fill out the address from you contacts and for $2.99 have it printed and shipped, which I did. I got an e-mail once it was shipped and received the card within a couple of days. One thing the keynote showed was that you would get a text when the card was delivered however I never got that. The card looked nice and the lettering on the envelope was also nice. Overall I like the app and would use it to send cards from time to time. The app is free so worth downloading and trying out.

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