Monday, September 19, 2011

Will Gabbert be the starter?

This week I think all Jaguars fans will have one question on their minds, will Gabbert start? I said in my podcast last week I didn't know why they didn't start him against the Titans. The reason I said this was the play calling. McCown was being babied along with nothing by screen plays and short passes. Gabbert could of done the same thing and would of had the same game plan. Now that McCown struggled so badly verses the Jets and was replaced by Gabbert will it be for good?

I for one think that it should be for good. McCown is your starter only because the Jaguars think he gives them the best chance to win. However if he plays like he did this week then Gabbert should be the starter. You can stomach Gabbert struggling because he's a rookie and has great upside but McCown doesn't have upside. Also look at the next three games, on the road against the Panthers and then at home verses the Saints and Bengals. None of these three teams have great defenses and two of these games you should win no matter who starts. It would be a nice way to get Gabbert starting before the Ravens and Steeler games.

We will have to see if JDR goes back to McCown or starts the rookie. As of now he is only saying that they will talk about it as a staff. My guess would be we will have an answer by Tuesday and if it's Gabbert there's no going back.

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