Friday, September 30, 2011


As a recent cord cutter (I no longer have cable) I love apps like this one. The NBC app lets you watch most of the shows that are on NBC. It's like having a DVR on your iPad. Most apps like this make you watch commercials and this app isn't any different. However the commercials this app makes you watch are for the show that you are watching. I don't really understand that thinking but ok. The app works great and I watched a couple of different episodes of shows that I haven't seen yet. This app is free and with more and more app like this coming out it makes me wonder why anyone would pay for Hulu plus.

Besides the shows there are some trivia, behind the scenes, pictures and interviews with actors. This app is free and unlike some apps that only give you part of the show, this one gives you the full episode.

app in iTunes store

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