Thursday, September 1, 2011

McCown to start and Garrard gone?

Now I know I'm setting myself us to look stupid but hear me out on why I think the Jaguars might start McCown and move Garrard. First of all most NFL teams usually carry two quarterbacks on the active roster and if Garrard starts then they will have three quarterbacks on the roster. When Gabbert starts McCown would be his backup, so why not let McCown start and Gabbert back him up and move Garrard? You know Garrard isn't the future and he hasn't played well in the preseason.

Then there is also the fact that last season some thought McCown outplayed Garrard. This preseason it is hard to say that only because McCown has played with the second and third string. However the Jaguars have three touchdowns this preseason and McCown has two of them. Then there is the fact that McCown came into this game as the second quarterback. Why would Jack Del Rio do that? It seems like you would want Gabbert to get all the playing time he could unless you were giving McCown a chance to make you comfortable with getting rid of Garrard. Of course JDR would never say this but nothing else makes sense. Gabbert should be your number two because he's guy you are working to get ready to get into the lineup.

It may seem like a crazy thought and maybe it is however remember Byron Leftwich? The talks that Garrard could start and Leftwich could be out sounded crazy until it happened. It makes to much sense not to even think about it. I guess we will find out for sure early next week or over the weekend.

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