Monday, September 19, 2011

Lost in a bad game was the good defense

It's easy to look at a 32-3 loss and guess that the defense was terrible, however you would be wrong. The defense did a nice job of keeping the Jets out of the endzone for the most part and not giving up big plays. The Jaguars gave up 101 yards rushing and 182 passing. It seemed like they had pressure on Sanchez most of the game and caused two turnovers by interceptions.

The offense killed the defense, not the Jets offense but the Jaguars'. McCowns four interceptions made the defense's life very difficult. Three of the interceptions were on the Jets side of the field and one was taken to the one yard line. So not only is the defense on the field all day but the Jets had great field position.

Going forward if the Jaguars can get the offense worked out then the defense has been looking really good. After the first week they were leading the league against the run and I wouldn't be surprised if they still were after week two.

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