Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cord Cutter

Well I finally did it today, I called Directv and cut off my service.  It is something that we have talked about for some time and even call them before to make the move but they talked us out of it at the time.  However today is a new day and we no longer will have 200 channels of which 10 is the most we ever watched.  My only reservation about cutting it off now if that I am a huge NFL fan and will miss all the Thursday and Sunday night games, which the Jaguars have three.  Two of the Jaguars games though I will be there so it doesn't really matter and the Thursday night game in Atlanta I might be at as well.

I will have the over the air channels and Netflix.  Netflix will get a work out as my 4 year old likes to watch TV while eating breakfast but after breakfast none of us watch much TV.  It will be interesting to see how I do with not have the NFL channel this Thursday when the first NFL game comes on and I will not be able to watch it.  I could always go to a buddies house to watch it, which would be more fun anyways.

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