Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stitcher SmartRadio

Stitcher SmartRadio is an app that allows you to listen to internet radio and control your podcast without having to use iTunes. I listen to a lot of podcasts so that part caught my eye. The nice thing about Stitcher is I can start listening on my computer through their website and then continue listening to that podcast on my iPhone. So say I was listening to the PTI podcast on my computer and had to leave, I then open the app on my iPhone and refresh it, it picks up where the computer left off. This to me is a very nice feature.

Stitcher has both an iPhone and iPad app and both look and work great. The app streams the podcast but it cache them pretty quickly if on Wi-Fi. To add a podcast you search for the name of that podcast and add it to your favorites or if on your iPhone make a channel for that podcast. For example I listen to lots of tech podcast, so I could make a tech channel of all my favorite tech podcast. I like this but what I don't get is on the iPad those channels aren't there. This is a nice feature but the fact that the channels don't sync up across platforms is a deal breaker for me. So instead of making channels I add everything to my favorites channel, which does sync across platforms. If you wanted to make channels on your iPhone, you can add a podcast to more than one channel so that it would show up in favorites and your custom channel.

Stitcher will also recommend podcasts. So I'm listening to the Gamers with Jobs podcast and Stitcher lets me know that I might like DGRadio podcast, Uncle Gamer Radio or Rebel FM. It looks like they get this information by what other listeners listen to in the gaming category that also listen to Gamers with Jobs. Of course you have to have a social tie in nowadays and Stitcher has that as well with Facebook and Twitter. Also an option to email a friend a the name of a podcast you're listening too that they might want to check out.

Like I said I listen to a lot of podcast and really like the way I can go between iPhone and computer when listening. I have had the iPhone app crash on me and lose my spot in the podcast however that only happened once and I've been using it for awhile now. If you listen to podcast then this app is worth checking out.

Stitcher in iTunes

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