Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When I was little I use to love watching the Smurfs, so when the kids wanted to go see it I was ok with that. The Smurfs start off much like the cartoons would, they showed the Smurf village with smurfs working and doing their thing. That was until Clumsy smurf accidentally lead Gargamel to the Smurf village, sending all the smurfs running.

While trying to get away Clumsy runs the wrong way and several smurfs go after him to stop him. Due to a blue moon a portal has opened from there to New York City and several smurfs, Gargamel, and Azreal travel through the portal.

From here the smurfs are trying to get back and aviod Gargamel. Part of the story also centers around Clumsy and how he feels like he doesn't fit in and has caused this mess.

Overall [Rating:1/5]

The story was just so so. I really don't expect much out of these movies except a couple of laughs and it did give those. There are several parts where it appears they didn't do a good job of lining up the actors to where the smurfs where going to be inserted later. Most of the interactions between the smurfs and people looked awkward. Also for me Jonathan Winters as Papa Smurf was a bad choice. He drove me crazy the whole movie. I would rent this movie or watch it when it comes on TV but I wouldn't suggest going to the theater to watch it.

Content [Rating:1/5]

There were a couple of small comments that were borderline inappropriate but nothing to be worried about.

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