Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rotowire Fantasy Football Kit

When I had my fantasy draft last Sunday, this was the app I used. The app allows you to put in your leagues scoring system and then ranks the players according to that. On the cheat sheet you can see all the offensive players listed or sort them by position and of course they have defenses and kickers as well.

The feature I like and why I got this app is by clicking on a name you can see their stats over their career and an outlook for the upcoming year. Also in this screen you can check them as drafted on your team or just that they were drafted. This is great when drafting because you can then filter by available players.

Once the drafting starts, press the My Team button and it shows you players that have been drafted on your team, sorted by position, and then bye weeks. Very handy for making sure you have a backup with different bye weeks. There is also a depth chart button that shows all the NFL teams and their depth charts. Also a search feature that searches for players and gives news on them.

I started not to buy this app because of several bad reviews but since it was the only one at the time that did most of what I wanted, I took the gamble. After my draft I was very happy with my purchase however there are a few features I would like to see added. The main feature is the ability to add the different teams in your league. Now the way the app works is a player is on your team or other team. I like to keep up with what team has drafted who and what positions. This comes in handy later in the draft if you know everyone has a quarterback but not running backs. If I know this I might take the gamble that the quarterback would last another round and go ahead and take the running back. Overall all though I was very pleased with this app. This app also can be used on the iPhone but I didn't use it there, so I'm reviewing it only on the iPad.

$4.99 in iTunes

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