Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's not you Alice, it's me

After weeks of going on and on about how much I like Alice the Madness Returns from the gameplay to the levels and even the story, I sent it back to Gamefly only halfway through the game.  Why send it back without finishing it you ask, maybe the levels got boring or the gameplay got repetitive or maybe the story started lacking, nope none of those.  The reason I sent it back was the lack of achievements.

I know that sounds bad, not finishing a game because of achievements but that's the true.  Beating one of these levels would take two hours and for that two hours of jumping and fighting enemies would net you 10 achievement points.  After spending about five hours with the game I didn't even have 150 achievement points and still had another 10 hours with the game.

I have gotten to the point that I love being rewarded with that little blink sound followed by a graphic showing me that I am special and have unlocked some achievement.  Not sure when achievements became such an important part of gaming for me even if I'm not achievement hunting but it has.  That's why a game that I think is really well done like Alice the Madness Returns goes back to Gamefly but a game like Transformers the Dark of the Moon gets my playtime.  I know it's sad that's why I am telling you it's not you Alice, it's me.

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