Monday, August 22, 2011

Garrard or Gabbert, who starts?

Before the preseason began I was a strong believer that David Garrard was the starter and should be the starter. I even thought that Garrard may play better because for once since he took over as the starter someone was pushing him for the job. Think about it, that first season Garrard had something to prove. The Jaguars had released Byron Leftwich in a controversial move and named Garrard as the starter. Garrard needed to go out and show that it wasn't a mistake and he did. Since then however he hasn't been challenged for the job.

That was one of the reasons I thought Garrard would start and have a good year. Other move obvious reasons for Garrard to start would be he knows the system and has experience. Gabbert needs time to learn the playbook and get use to life in the NFL. Like or dislike Garrard he's a decent quarterback and good enough to lead the Jags one more year.

Like I said this was my thought process going into training camp. Now fast forward to today and the Jaguars have played two of the four preseason games. The first one Garrard missed because of back problems and Gabbert looked pretty good for a rookie. He made some bad throws and the timing was off with some of his passes but that's what you would expect.

The second game of the preseason Garrard looked terrible. He over threw Lewis a couple of times and threw two ball up for grabs, one of which was way overthrown and intercepted. Not that Gabbert looked a lot better in the game however if Garrard is going to struggle why not start Gabbert.

They are going to make the move soon or later so why not now? If you are Jack Del Rio then you may not want to make the move unless Gabbert out plays Garrard. Like Garrard, Del Rio is fighting for his coaching future. However I don't see him getting fired for starting a rookie quarterback and struggling at the beginning of the year. I would however see him getting fired if he started Garrard and faded at the end of the year like years past.

If Gabbert starts or not I think is up to him more so than it is Garrard. In these last two games if Gabbert plays well he very well could be the opening day starter. Also I guess if Garrard plays like garbage in the last two games that could also push Del Rio to start Gabbert. Either way Garrard's future as the starter of the Jaguars maybe shorter than most of us originally thought.

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